• FAQ
  • How to Wash your SUIT?

    There are detailed steps here, but it is as simple as washing a hand wash garment...

    Fill a sink or wash bucket with cold water.

    Add a mild laundry detergent (zero, Tide, Wisk) according to washing directions on bottle (ie. 1 cap full of zero per gallon of cold water).

    Put your suit in the sink (inside out, rhinestones on the inside) and move it around so that it absorbed the soapy water and is completely soaked. Let it soak for just a few min.

    After the suit has soaked for a few min. then take the suit into your hands and pour detergent right onto the stained areas of glue and tanning solution for spot treating. You can use a small brush or your nails to scratch the glue off. It should roll up into little balls and come off.

    After your have worked the areas of stains out, then drain the sink and fill with cold water and start to rinse the suit, drain that water and fill again till all the soap is gone. It should take 4 to 5 times of rinsing and swishing in the fresh water to completely get rid of any soap residue (very important, as the soap can bleach the material if not rinsed thoroughly).

    After all soap is gone, turn the suit right side out so the stones are on the outside again. Place suit between a towel and press the excess water out. Let sit on towel for about a half hour then hang to dry.

  • What is a Starter Kit?

    Our Daydreams Bikini or Figure Starter Kits take all the worry and confusion of what do I need to wear for my show.  It contains everything you need to wear on your show day. If you are new to competing and don't know where to start this is the best solution.  You can always add bling for your next show (ask us how).

    This kit includes:

    1. One Basic Bikini (or Figure Suit)
    2. Shoes
    3. Jewelry
    4. Bikini bite
    * If you are doing your own tanning vs. booking a spray tan, add the Jan Tana kit separately.

  • This is my first time competing, Where do I start?

    First of all Congratulations on deciding to do a show.  Be sure your trainer prepares you for what to expect, especially the costs of doing a show.
    1. Determine how long it will take for you to get your body Competition Ready.  Have you lost a lot of weight and are only now building muscle? Or you are an Athlete and just want to take your body to the next level?  6 months to a year are good timelines.
    2. You need to decide on what category you want to compete in (Bikini, Figure or Physique).  If you do not have a trainer to help you decide, you can send a few pictures to the Federation you want to compete in and ask them what they recommend.
    3.  Decide on what Federation best suits your competition goals (Do you want a pro card? what and where are their shows?...).
    There are many Federations today that each have their unique personalities.  See what Federations are in your neighbourhood and start to do research online on which one suits your needs, are Pro card motivated, getting to the ARNOLDS?
    4.  Budget your goals.  From your supplements, Posing Workshops, physio or massage appointments to your SUIT!
    Suits cost anywhere from 160 to 1600.  You can start with a basic suit for your first show and work your way up.  Or if you believe you have a good chance to win and want the best of the best, a bikini around 400 to 600 is a great beginner Pro level suit.
    Our designers are here to answer any questions you may have.  Start to look at pictures from previous shows of the Federation you want to compete in.  That will give you an idea of what type of suits are normal for that show.
  • When should I order my suit?

    Men: 3-6 weeks from your show or earlier, shipping is 1-2 weeks from order date.
    Women: We recommend placing your order no less than 3 months before your show.
    why so early?  To ensure your order will be shipped in plenty of time for your show, and if adjustments need to be made we have the time to do that.  We also only take a specific amount of orders per season, and spots fill up quickly.
    For Delivery... You choose your delivery date.  We do suggest a shipping date of about 4 weeks from your show date.  This is close enough to your show date and also gives us a little wiggle room if there are any alterations required on fit.  Just before we ship, we will contact you for a final round of measurements to confirm fit.
    We do guarantee all our suits to fit you perfect on show day, we have been outfitting competitors for over 16 years with a 100% success rate.  why 100%? because we back up our service by offering alterations if required.  You are never stuck with something that doesn't work for you, "I promise" Joan MacDonald, owner
  • How Do I Measure?

    Below are the measurements we need to begin making your patterns.
    At Daydreams we make new patterns for every order.
    Why so early before you comp?  Your measurements will help us determine what cut (Batman or Butterfly) cut would be best for you if you are not sure. You have already determined which style of bottoms in your order.

    For Womens orders...
    - Chest:
    - Rip Cage:
    - Hip: (right at hip bone)
    - Glute:
    - Bra size: (are you natural or augmented?)
    - Body Height:

    For Mens orders...
    - Hip: (right at hip bone)
    - Body Height:
    - Which Division are you registered in? Light weight, middle weight...

    Any questions, send me an email anytime. We will get back to you asap with the answer or where to find the answer if we don't know.

    Once again THANK YOU for shopping with Daydreams,
    Fit and Customer Satisfaction is always guaranteed!

  • May I come into your Studio to order my suit in person?

    I know everyone wants to come in and see, touch, feel before buying... and try on suits to make this decision of competing real...  But it is hard for us to see everyone.  I have been working very hard to make myself more accessible to everyone by adding 'live chat' to my web site.  You can reach me anytime for questions about ordering your suit.  If this is your first show send me an email and I can walk you through many questions that 'first timers' have.  
    * I will be posting when I will be at the different local posing or workshops for different federations.  I will bring suits and materials for people to try and see in person.
    ** If you are hosting a workshop, send me an email, I would love to bring my inventory for people to view/try.
  • How do I order a suit online with DDFwear?

    Choose a suit found on our website. During the check-out process you will be asked which cut and color you would prefer.  If you are unsure on which cut is best and would like a designer to suggest both cut and colour would work best for your body use our live chat function or e-mail us at sewingdaydreams@hotmail.com
  • I have purchased my Suit online, when do I get it?

    Depending on the time of season... deliveries can be anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks from purchase date.
    After your purchase you will get a confirmation email asking for the required measurements to start your custom made Daydreams Suit.  
    YOU actually have the control to request what date you want the finished suit delivered.  We normally suggest a shipping date of about 4-5 weeks from your show to be sure the suit will fit.  At that time we will send a final email requesting another round of measurements before shipping.
  • What is included in the Jan-Tana package?

    So you have decided to do this yourself.  I have done this for my daughter and have no regrets. It can be a little intimidating the first time.  Booking a tanning person is usually the best route for your first show, especially if you are on your own.
    Included in our Jan Tana Kit is... everything you need to step on stage the right color.
    1. Skin Prep and PhBalancer
    2. Lotion
    3. Tanning Foam
    4. Glaze
  • When should I order my suit?

    Men: about 4-8 weeks out to ensure a timely delivery and confirmation of fit.
    Women: about 3-5 months out.
    Earlier if you can...  Ordering your Suit is not something you want to be worrying about with the comp prep that is ahead of you.  Suits take about 2-4 weeks for assembly depending on our time of year and Rhinestone design order.  But as we get closer to the big shows we will often be completely booked and unable to accept any new orders.
    VIP Customers: we accept 20 per season, I suggest you book that 4-6 months in advance.  See VIP link for more information on the service.  It is a custom made and designed suit just for you and no one else for your show.
  • How do I choose a colour that is best for me?

    1. Choose a color you like
    2. Choose a color that maybe people always comment about when you wear it
    To get more into choosing the right color, it is a Cool vs. Warm debate.
    If you are not lucky enough to have had your colors done, look at what jewelry you wear.  If you wear more silver, you are probably more of a COOL tone.  If you wear mostly gold then you may be more of a WARM tone.
    ! Our designers our here to help you choose the right colour if you are still unsure.
    Use the "Chat Now", if we are online we can help you right away.  If not send us an email with pictures of yourself for us to recommend the best suit color, etc.
  • Why are Custom Suits more expensive?

    You not only get a suit that is hand made with care and attention to detail, but you get a SUIT made to your measurements.
    We have been outfitting clients for over 15 years and have been to many shows across the  US and Canada to see what looks good on stage and on the many different body types out there.
    We also speak to judges after the show to enquire their thoughts on suit colours and cuts.  We are always learning and growing with this fitness business so to stay in trend in the know of what judges prefer.
    You have invested a lot of time and money into preparing your body for this show, don't skimp on the suit!  It could cost you in the long run.  You do get points off for ill fit suits or worse, you won't be allowed to register for the show if it doesn't fit the suit requirements for the Federation.
  • What is the Jan-Tana package?

    Jan-Tana is the leading tanning specialist for tanning lotions. If you are doing your own tanning these are the products you need.

    If you have a mentor or trainer ask them what their recommendations are for self tanning vs. spray tanning.
    The Jan Tana package includes everything you need to step on stage with the right coloring.

  • What is Bikini Bite?

    Bikini Bite is a roll-on glue for athletes who require a bikini or gymnastic leotard during a competition routine. It prevents bikinis from rolling into the butt while on stage or on the floor during a gymnastics routine. It is a crucial part of any fitness, figure or bikini athlete to prevent wardrobe malfunction on stage.