There are detailed steps here, but it is as simple as washing a hand wash garment…

Fill a sink or wash bucket with cold water.

Add a mild laundry detergent (zero, Tide, Wisk) according to washing directions on bottle (ie. 1 cap full of zero per gallon of cold water).

Put your suit in the sink (inside out, rhinestones on the inside) and move it around so that it absorbed the soapy water and is completely soaked. Let it soak for just a few min.

After the suit has soaked for a few min. then take the suit into your hands and pour detergent right onto the stained areas of glue and tanning solution for spot treating. You can use a small brush or your nails to scratch the glue off. It should roll up into little balls and come off.

After your have worked the areas of stains out, then drain the sink and fill with cold water and start to rinse the suit, drain that water and fill again till all the soap is gone. It should take 4 to 5 times of rinsing and swishing in the fresh water to completely get rid of any soap residue (very important, as the soap can bleach the material if not rinsed thoroughly).

After all soap is gone, turn the suit right side out so the stones are on the outside again. Place suit between a towel and press the excess water out. Let sit on towel for about a half hour then hang to dry.