Combination Figure & Bikini Competition Suit


For one price, you 2 Suits “Figure and Bikini”
Are you doing Figure & Bikini for your first show to find out what category best suits you?

Material: “Blue Shattered Glass”
Bikini Bottom Connectors: “Three Row”
Neck Connectors: “Single Row”
Figure Bottom: no connectors

We custom make two bottoms and one top.  The top back straps are long enough to criss cross in the back for the figure suit configuration AND use for the Bikini bottoms, suit is RHINESTONED with the “Scatter Design”.




Are you doing two categories? Bikini AND Figure?
This is the Starter Suit for you.  Customize this Suit to your Tastes
Want a different connector? Check out our wide variety of connector choices. You can select a different connector choice during the checkout process.


Want a different color? Check out our wide variety of color options. You can select a different color upon checkout.


ALL Suits are made to order according to your measurements. After order has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to you requesting the specific measurements we need to cut and sew YOUR Daydreams Original Suit. You will also be asked to submit a few photographs (your choice, not mandatory) to help us with suggesting suit cuts to best suit you.