Touchdown Red Competition Suit


Suit material was done in the Red Mystique.
Rhinestone Design was a similar look to the Cat Whiskers, but with an upward twist.   A great suit for your first show and with room to grow (Send back and add more BLING).  Neck and Back straps are done in the 1/2″ border option.

This suit design is available in any color choice, see here for more options.
(We Custom make every suit to YOUR measurements, 100% Guarantee on FIT and On Time Delivery)

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ALL Suits are made to order according to your measurements. After order has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to you requesting the specific measurements we need to cut and sew YOUR Daydreams Original Suit. You will also be asked to submit a few photographs (your choice, not manditory) to help us with suggesting suit cuts to best suit you.