First of all Congratulations on deciding to do a show.  Be sure your trainer prepares you for what to expect, especially the costs of doing a show.
1. Determine how long it will take for you to get your body Competition Ready.  Have you lost a lot of weight and are only now building muscle? Or you are an Athlete and just want to take your body to the next level?  6 months to a year are good timelines.
2. You need to decide on what category you want to compete in (Bikini, Figure or Physique).  If you do not have a trainer to help you decide, you can send a few pictures to the Federation you want to compete in and ask them what they recommend.
3.  Decide on what Federation best suits your competition goals (Do you want a pro card? what and where are their shows?…).
There are many Federations today that each have their unique personalities.  See what Federations are in your neighbourhood and start to do research online on which one suits your needs, are Pro card motivated, getting to the ARNOLDS?
4.  Budget your goals.  From your supplements, Posing Workshops, physio or massage appointments to your SUIT!
Suits cost anywhere from 160 to 1600.  You can start with a basic suit for your first show and work your way up.  Or if you believe you have a good chance to win and want the best of the best, a bikini around 400 to 600 is a great beginner Pro level suit.
Our designers are here to answer any questions you may have.  Start to look at pictures from previous shows of the Federation you want to compete in.  That will give you an idea of what type of suits are normal for that show.