Men: 3-6 weeks from your show or earlier, shipping is 1-2 weeks from order date.
Women: We recommend placing your order no less than 3 months before your show.
why so early?  To ensure your order will be shipped in plenty of time for your show, and if adjustments need to be made we have the time to do that.  We also only take a specific amount of orders per season, and spots fill up quickly.
For Delivery… You choose your delivery date.  We do suggest a shipping date of about 4 weeks from your show date.  This is close enough to your show date and also gives us a little wiggle room if there are any alterations required on fit.  Just before we ship, we will contact you for a final round of measurements to confirm fit.
We do guarantee all our suits to fit you perfect on show day, we have been outfitting competitors for over 16 years with a 100% success rate.  why 100%? because we back up our service by offering alterations if required.  You are never stuck with something that doesn’t work for you, “I promise” Joan MacDonald, owner